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About The Artist


Let's talk a little about the girl being the lens. 

My name is Amelia Fang. I am a very creative individual and have spent most of my life creating art in many forms including photography. 

Photography has become one of my favourite forms of art. I have always been the type of girl who observes my surroundings and finds beauty in simple little moments. Photography helps me capture these moments in a creative way. 


I find a lot of inspiration from famous

photographers in history such as Margaret Bourke-White who was one of the earliest female photojournalists who was hired by LIFE magazine. She was known to be fearless and had a very candid approach to her work. Another one of my favourite Photographers is Dorothea Lange who was a documentary photographer whose images humanized the affects of the great depression. Her work captured the emotion within her photos perfectly. 

My main goal with my photography is to capture emotion within my photos and create images you can feel. To capture a moment so well that when you look at the images it brings you right back to this moment in time. 

Some of my other passions include mixed media art, sketching and poetry. I have a huge heart for working with children and can be described as a big kid myself. 


Want to know more? I am an open book. Let's chat!

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