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Come A Little Closer

“The great artist is a simplifier" - Vincent Van Gogh

Those emotion filled shots are becoming quite the staple of mine. I like to take a variety of photos but always try and include some of these emotional candids. I really like to focus in and bring attention to the little details that capture my attention as an artist. This is a powerful, yet difficult element to master as a photographer. To capture emotion and feeling within an image. There is beauty in simplicity.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These types of images really help draw you in and feel the photo.

What are some tips to capturing an image that evokes emotion and feeling?

  1. Take Candid Portraits I often will continue taking photos in-between photos. While people are connecting, walking from locations or switching up posing. I notice those little moments and capture them as is. Holding hands, little kisses, sweet embraces. People naturally display different moods that will help you as an artist tell their story.

  2. Photograph People In their own Environment to do this I will ask my clients about some of their favourite locations or even suggest a lifestyle session taking place at their own homes. I find when we are somewhere we naturally feel comfortable being ourselves it is that much easier to relax around the camera. Children will begin to play, couples feel that much more comfortable connecting. There truly is no place like home.

  3. Capturing Emotion Within a Posed Portrait So you may not always want to be capturing those candid moments. I think it’s essential to have a variety of styles within my sessions. So how do I capture those natural looking emotional images within a posed portrait? First I like to interact and start a conversation with my subject. Making them laugh so they feel more at ease. I also like to use different prompts to engage people and this helps draw out those natural smiles, laughs and connections. Learning how to use prompts in my work really helped me find my voice in photography and feel comfortable behind my camera.


Amelia J Groszeibl

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