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Life's Little Moments

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” Ralph Hattersley

Lifestyle photo sessions have become one of my favourite sessions. Why?

Because, they capture life in a very realistic way. real-life situations in an artistic manner. These sessions I give little direction and just let the moments unfold infront of me. It's beautiful. It's genuine. It's your life. Your story documented.

How do I capture these beautiful little moments?

I understand my main goal is authenticity. I want to tell my subjects story and do it justice. To do this I will shoot in everyday locations. I like to pick a location that has meaning to my subject.

I make sure everyone is comfortable. To achieve this I may start off my session giving a little direction through prompts. I direct action, not poses. Once everyone is engaged I like to ease off and have a more candid approach.

I will anticipate every moment before they happen. My camera will always be ready to go so I do not miss a thing. As a result I take a LOT of photos. I like to pay very close attention to details. The little looks given, gestures etc. The love is often in the details.

In the end. I will edit my photos so they flow. I keep my edits simple. I feel there is such a thing as "over editing". I like to have my photos be a real as the moments themselves.

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