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Real Moments

"A great photographer is like a psychologist who knows how to coax the truth from a patient."

- Henry Carroll

I love to capture realness in my photos. Real moments, filled with authenticity.

One of the things that inspires me as a photographer is how people interact and show their love for one another. These little moments of tenderness captivate me. It brings me so much joy to forever preserve these moments into timeless memories with my art.


I see you,

I see you when your face lights up at the sight of your loved one.

I see you when you’re focusing on something that brings you joy.

I see your soul come to life.

I am a photographer. I strive to capture the soul behind the smile. The person as a whole.

Those unexpected candid moments that will change how you see yourself. That reveal your inner beauty.

Through my lens.

I see you.


As an artist I do not strive for "perfection" I strive to document your truth. I want my clients to view these images as memories. I do not like my clients so simply hide behind their smile and a pose pretty. Something about this approach comes off a little phoney. Instead, I prefer my clients to engage with one another in a way that comes natural. To reveal how they look when they aren't trying to reach perfection. That is when their inner beauty comes out to play.

"Throughout my sessions I like to remain unobtrusive and keep my clients as calm and relaxed as possible."

- Amelia Groszeibl, Photographer

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