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Mini Sessions

Why do mini sessions?

A mini session is a smaller version of the photo experience I normally provide my clients. They usually take 15 to 30 minutes. Due to a shorter duration, they come with fewer images as deliverables and at a lower price range.

This is very beneficial to clients who want to save on a photoshoot and who simply just want about 10-15 photos!

How do I benefit as a photographer from mini sessions?

I like to use mini sessions as as a way to network and make new connections. Once clients experience an AGP shoot, they’re more likely to come back and pay for a full session. Or recommend you to their friends. I also love the idea of keeping my services affordable and this is a fun way to do just that.

What to expect when booking a mini session with AGP.

Typically, mini sessions are organized back-to-back on a single day. I advertise these dates on my social media platforms. Each session lasts around 15-30 minutes. Some photographers use less time but I prefer giving some time to allow my clients to feel comfortable and loosen up.

On to choosing a date for AGP mini sessions. I like to offer mini sessions close to the holidays as well as popular seasons like summer/fall. If you're interested in booking a mini with AGP follow me on social media and stay tuned for posts advertising a date.

You can also email to inquire about set dates.

Introducing Summer 2023- Backroad Mini Sessions

Email to book now. limited spaces available.

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