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Wheat Field Minis, 2021

"Happiness lives inside the smallest moments"

- Christy Ann Martine, Poet

Did you know; I try to offer a variety of mini sessions throughout the year!

I have to admit my wheat field sessions are some of my favourites. Growing up on a farm, My fondest childhood memories are playing in the fields with my siblings and cousins. These sessions allow my clients to experience a little piece of these memories with me. I feel these sessions also allow my clients to get to know me on a more personal level.

The location of this session is set on my family farm in Wainfleet. Not only did my clients get to enjoy the beautiful scenery they also got to take home a bundle of wheat to proudly display alongside their captured memories!

I had such a wonderful time working with each and every one of these families/couples. I adore my mini sessions because it gives me an opportunity to bond with so many of my beloved clients at once!

So, What are mini sessions?

A mini session is exactly what it sounds like, a smaller version of a portrait package.

Regularly, my packages last at-least an hour. My minis only last 15 – 20 minutes! These sessions are a great way to obtain quick seasonal updates on your family portraits.

Mini-sessions are simply little samples of my art. They celebrate my returning clients as well as welcome new clientele who would like to try me out.

***Upcoming: AGP Cornfield minis, Stay tuned!***

Special Thanks:

Thank you to all families who participated in this years Wheat Field Minis, To Triple G Farm for letting me use their land/wheat and to my mother Tracey Groszeibl from Artistic Images for working alongside during these sessions as my second shooter. I appreciate all of you!

- Amelia Groszeibl, Photographer

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