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Capturing the Early Years

"Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is necessity." - Kay Redfeild

I have spent the last ten years working with families and children in their early years. I have continued to study the early years and child development throughout my career as an educator. With my history, it comes to no surprise I specialize in family photography.

Capturing the early years comes with its challenges. Parents will often warn me "they won't sit still". Don't worry, I don't want them to! I love capturing a child's natural curiosity within my photos. I like to let them explore and "take the lead" in my sessions, as I know how important it is for a child to take the lead in learning. This keeps them excited, engaged and having fun!

It is said for a child; play is the highest form of research. Capturing them as they play captures your child in their most natural state. This leaves for authentic memories. My goal as a photographer is for everyone to enjoy my sessions as much as I do. This includes the children.

For family photos I may ask you to play with your children, engage with them and connect with them on their level. Some of my favourite family prompts include:

  • Having the parents snuggle up as the children come into the foreground. I'll ask them to come see what's inside my camera. This sparks their curiosity and they will come right up to me. Using this prompt captures a series of cute photos.

  • The big squeeze: I'll ask the children who can give the biggest squeeze bear hug! Sometimes this becomes a playful wrestling match.

  • Ring around the Rosie: Remember how fun this game was as a kid? Guess what, it still is! The children love this prompt and it captures really fun family photos.

If your little one is shy, that's okay. I will capture them snuggling up on you. I'll tell them how amazing they are doing and show them what I captured. This usually helps them open up and eases them into our session. Remember, the children are taking the lead here.

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