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"Every great love starts with a great story" - Nicholas Sparks

I have always been a sucker for a good love story. Nicholas sparks is my favourite author for that very reason, He writes a good love story. I prefer to document a love story through the art of photography. I find that two lovers will speak a language only they understand. From the looks they give each other, inside jokes to a simple touch. This is their love language. I like to have them speak this unique language in my sessions. My sessions are true to the individual couple.

As a photographer I do not just simply take photos. I capture a series of photos that together will tell a piece of your story. I take those sweet little moments shared between lovers and freeze them to forever look back on. I capture those moments in-between prompts and posing. The candid moments. When I'm editing a session sometimes I picture the couple aged and reflecting on these moments together and my heart fills with joy for them.

Young love, dating, engaged, married, anniversaries or simply just because. Whatever it is you are celebrating, what better way to celebrate than to treat yourself to a personalized photo session that helps you write your love story.

Want to know a little more about how I capture such passionate photos or what to expect during one of my sessions, keep on reading!

My personal guide to capture those passionate photos

I have been working with quite a few couples lately. Here is a few tips I’ve learned in photographing couples that helped me capture those passionate and intimate moments.

  • First we work together to plan the perfect session that tells your story. I have a questionnaire for couples to fill out which helps me get to know them a little better and plan their session. Usually I like planning a session in a location that is meaningful to the couple and bring back those happy memories. I also like to incorporate shared interests or hobbies if possible. Individualize the session.

  • The planning is complete and your day has arrived, yay! I like to have the couple feeling comfortable. If you're feeling awkward or uncomfortable that makes it hard to capture your love in an authentic way. So to lighten the mood and ask questions to help them open up and feel more like themselves. I will start off with some prompts to engage the couple and get them all warmed up.

  • To keep the connection alive, I have the couple connect throughout the process. Connection isn't always made through touch. It can be made through eye contact, whispering inside jokes or something sweet to one another. I like to keep that connection alive. I have been told couples after one of my sessions they felt a little closer. I let you speak that language only to who of you will understand. By doing this it reveals authentic love moments.

  • I catch those unposed candid moments where the couples are fully themselves. The moments in between moments. Those sometimes make for the best photos!

last but not least I keep it natural. Have the couple do what is natural for them. Move in a way that is natural to them. Every couple is different, what may work with some may not work with others. Simple.

Want to know more? Let’s chat!

Interested in booking a session with your sweetheart? Let’s chat! I’d love to help you tell your story.

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