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Celebrating Love

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”

There is something so beautiful and sentimental about capturing these little moments between lovers. Sometimes the smallest moments take up the most rooms in our hearts. It brings so much joy to me as a photographer to help share love stories in such a personal way.

Within my images, I strive to capture each couples connection in a deep and meaningful way that is true to the individual couple. I recently had the opportunity to capture Bethanie and Daniel, a loving couple celebrating their new home and finished renovations. Together these newlyweds built a home, what better way to celebrate than to capture these moments with a personalized lifestyle photo session!

It is such an honour to be invited into someones home to capture their moments. I find within these lifestyle sessions I believe we feel more comfortable and relaxed. There is something about being in your own home that is comforting and makes it that much easier to be yourself. Of course the fur babies had to join! Izzy and Nala greeted me with open paws. While my lovely couple did an outfit change I made sure to capture their little ones and of course we had them join in on the fun within the session.

Are you interested in capturing a chapter in your love story? Dating, engagement, wedding, new home, Anniversary... Love is worth celebrating! What better way to celebrate than capturing a piece of your story to forever look back on.

I'd be happy to chat with you and plan out the perfect session for you and your sweetheart.

March 06/2020

Amelia .J. Groszeibl, Photographer

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